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Every company wants to understand

the voice of the customer.

If you have from hundreds to bilions of customers, this is only possible with DTS Deep.


Be all ears.

To understand the consumer, many companies invest in surveys or try to analyze multiple channels such as chat, email, social media... This is all worthy, but most are bypassing the big deal: phone calls.

In big data, there is no greater source of data expressing the voice of the customer than phone calls.
Literally: Gartner pointed out that 90% of consumer interactions still take place over the phone.



A call center of just 25 agents generate near of:

With so much data, wouldn't it be great if you could get a customer satisfaction score on every contact ? What if you could measure each interaction and automate the agent scorecard process? Index terms and phrases by performing keyword searches on voice recordings?


How significant would it be if you could measure virtually anything in the contact flow and turn it into metrics? Things like:

hours of interaction recorded  DAILY

hours of interaction recorded MONTHLY

hours of interaction recorded a YEAR

WORDS exchanged with consumers

You CAN and MUST extract meaningful and actionable business intelligence from it all!

  • Sales Effectiveness

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Risk of Compliance

  • Sales Opportunity

  • Propensity to Pay

  • Satisfaction with the Product

  • Churning...
    ...and a myriad of other things.

DTS does it all for you, placing the performance numbers in the hands of the contact center management, supervisors and even agents. In the pace they are generated!


DTS transcribes, understands, analyzes, categorizes, and processes calls in the form of suitable for action data. Measurable and rankable. It listens and understands all your customers in all your channels, extracting intelligence from your businesses and generating continuous improvements in the KPIs that matter to you.

Monitors everything. From internal to external and even outsourced
multiple / diverse contact centers.

No limitation of
sources or operators

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